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Before i say anything, this is just for take an idea. noting too serious!

I have few some ideas about the future of the server. they are

  • Stop the server
  • Make the server premium
  • Do nothing
This maybe a weird post but i like to know what to do, Vote to this Poll and give us your support

Thanks for your Wait! we made the faction server again with some more changes! with the hope of its good. the new server contain two worlds made with two generators one of the world looks same as a regular world although its a custom made.

Most of the Features on this server are same as before but this contain some fixes such as

  • /Wild command fix
  • Less Lag
  • UUID crash fix
  • Removed Glitched plugins
And more, we also made some new changes to this such as
  • /warp or /warps
  • /kit or /kits
  • /link ( This can use to LINK your minecraft account to the Forum )
  • More to come
We need your Idea to make it better and the better part here is. when you click on the NPCs on the faction hub ( the place you spawn on when you join the factions server ) you will be teleport to the specific world and you will be auto /wild. so each time when you click on the NPCs at the faction hub you will be teleport so, it will make you some slow Loading, hope to fix it soon

And thanks for your Time and we need your Vote here again, to see if the new server is good or not!

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Simply a name to call you which is much more formal than their IGN.


Server in game name, (username that you use).

Contact information [Email, Skype etc.]?

If need how can we contact you.

Location & time zone?

Just to give us an idea of your timing and when u are available.

What position are you aiming for?

What position are you aiming/looking for?


Age is always important. We want to know if we are hiring a 6 year old to take on lots of responsibility.


Dedication is vital for a good server. You must be active and have a fair amount of time to show that you are serious about the server and you are trustworthy.

How mature are...

This is a big News as we decide to Reset the factions server finally, In the result of facing much of down times, Permission Issues, plugin glitch, map glitch, UUID crash, poor protection, lack of fun and much more!

As you have Noticed we have been promoting few new staff's to our team. what happens to the old staff, we have got some serious reports for Staff abuse, also this time we hope it will not happen. the main abuse the old staff did ( for example ) Giving people ranks, kits, vote keys, creative mode stuff, using f admin to claim lands and much more! . That really made the economy on the server Dead Specially on factions server.

As the result on our last vote post ( link : ) we are gonna reset the factions server within 2 or 3 days!

* That means! (what you will loss)
  • Faction
  • inventory stuff
  • Backpack stuff
  • PlayerVault Stuff
  • EnderChest Stuff
  • Any Special Permission
* What you will get Special (After the Reset)
  • Active Custom map also a normal vanilla map
  • peace and pvp factions
  • shop
  • custom enchantments
  • /wild fix
  • More to hope!
And if you really need more help please feel free to reply or contact a higher staff!
Faction server map is open for public to download, its been sometimes we had so many resets without even giving people a thing. so we think for that adding the backup of the map on factions will be better,

this is the latest version of the map and with the builds on the day, it will be updated by every 2 days the map is 1.x gb as it is a custom build map.
  • Download Link
Vote for the faction to reset or not to reset Each of the vote helps us to the next level

Keep playing, keep voting
Currently we having so many troubles with the Factions server we can fix the current problems but the problems can appear again soon so for the conformation please vote to this poll to make a reset on faction or dont want the reset

Q and A

  1. What will happen to our Builds ( Factions ) ?
Your Build or Faction will be lost as the server gonna be reset

2. What will we get as for resting our builds ?

we sorry to do this but as a welcome back kit we will planned to give something that makes you too get the lost things back so quickly that include ( Kit, Crates, Ranks )

Vote for the Factions
Welcome To DemonicEmpire new community website, DemonicEmpire is a new minecraft Bungeecord server with Factions / Survival / Skyblock / Minigames and supported 1.8 / 1.12.1 ( and new upcoming updates ) . we expand our server daily with some cool and interesting stuffs. our server was the TaggerNations before then we did changed the name and changed few staff members.

Our Team ( from the days of taggernations )
  • bloodySniper
  • Nighthawk
  • Elik666
  • Smiter
  • Inferno_Assassin
Factions ( Small Details ) Version recommend 1.8 / 1.12.1 or newer updates

* Member Commands

  • Rules : Command /rules
  • Vote : Command /links
  • Help : Command /help
  • Factions : Command /f help
  • warps : Command /warp
* Donater Commands
  • All Member Commands
  • Fly : Command /fly
  • Chat Color : Command /chatcolor
  • Repair : Command /repair
  • Donater Kits ( More then 7 )
  • particle : Coming Soon System
  • Pets : Coming Soon System
* Youtuber Commands
  • All Donater and member commands
  • feed : Command /feed
  • Clear : Command /clear
  • All kits
  • All unlocked
Survival ( Small Details ) Version recommend 1.12.1 or newer update

* Member Commands
  • Rules : Command /rules
  • Vote : Command /links
  • Help : Command /help
  • Anti Grief : Must claim land with a golden shovel
* Donater Commands
  • All Member Commands
  • Fly : Command /fly
  • Chat Color : Command /chatcolor
  • Repair : Command /repair
  • Donater Kits
  • particle : Coming Soon System
  • Pets : Coming Soon...