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By DevilStone on Aug 17, 2017 at 8:04 AM
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    Currently we having so many troubles with the Factions server we can fix the current problems but the problems can appear again soon so for the conformation please vote to this poll to make a reset on faction or dont want the reset

    Q and A

    1. What will happen to our Builds ( Factions ) ?
    Your Build or Faction will be lost as the server gonna be reset

    2. What will we get as for resting our builds ?

    we sorry to do this but as a welcome back kit we will planned to give something that makes you too get the lost things back so quickly that include ( Kit, Crates, Ranks )

    Vote for the Factions
DemonicEmpire owner

Do you want the DemonicEmpire Factions to be reset?

  1. Yes [ because it has so many errors and issues and a reset will fix all ]

  2. No [ because my builds means a lot to me :( ]

  3. IDK [ Im not Sure...]



Discussion in 'News and Updates' started by DevilStone, Aug 17, 2017.

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    1. Nighthawk
      hay bros Nighthawk here! this vote systum will help us find out your openion about what we do in the server!

      ~Nighthawk [Co_Owner]
    2. ReaperCaster
      I truly think that factions should be reset due to all the fatalities and not just for that in general, everythijg was unclaimed and people went around raiding bases, I think we should have a fresh start for the factions server and this will give the players a new chance to enjoy and play factions all over again with most bugs fixed.

      Regards~ Aaron (ReaperCaster)
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    3. DevilStone
      ya you are right! Will gona do that in few days
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